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GPS Network | Saturday, 15 June 2024 09:46
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About us
  • Because of permanently growing competitive pressure, the opening up of new markets with a promising future and the "purification" of the value and supply chain is necessary to safeguard yields, to lower costs and to minimise entrepreneurial risks. For this companies need a Globalisation Partner.

  • Therefore GPS Network Global Professional Services has specialised on management services around globalisation like opening up of new markets, global sourcing and production set up, to support customers as globalisation full service management partner around the world, but primarily in Asia and Central and Eastern Europe.

  • We support western enterprises, which are already located in Asia or Eastern Europe or intend to expand there, but also help Asian companies to enter the European market.

  • A team of over 30 internationally experienced consultants and experts in a network support our customers in the competence areas of strategy, market entry, design and optimization of processes as well as in the functional areas purchasing & sourcing, sales, controlling, production, logistics, service and HR.

  • As experienced project and interim managers we also take over implementation responsibility and support our customers in the operative business on all executive levels. 

  • Delivering high quality and high value results to our customers, based on understanding of Asian and western economy structures and on a longterm operative management and consulting experience of our professionals, is our mission. A modern project oriented procedure, open communication, a systematic approach and confidentiality are indispensable components of our work.