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GPS Network | Saturday, 23 September 2023 11:43
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Generate additional turnovers in Asia and Eastern
Europe with local know how

The market rules in the Emerging Markets are partly considerably different from the "western habits". Furthermore Asian and East European companies have sales advantages over the sales branch offices of European enterprises by "old networks".

Because of permanently increasing competition by foreign but also "local" enterprises it therefore is of great importance, to understand the local market mechanisms fast and enough: What are the relevant distribution and sales channels of the target customers, how is the decision-making process going on and how will the consumption habits change?

GPS Network Global Professional Services supports you:

  • Marketing & sales conception
    • Target customers 
    • Target customer-designed marketing strategies 
    • Target customer-designed sales strategies

  • Sales Management & Controlling
    • Sales organization and sales offices
    • Direct and indirect sales 
    • Sales control tools 
    • Incentive programmes 
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Distribution & logistics
    • Distribution concepts 
    • Selection of logistics providers 
    • After Sales management 
    • etc.

  • Customer service
    • Call centre organisation 
    • Billing 
    • Complaint management 
    • etc.


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