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GPS Network | Monday, 11 December 2023 02:55
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The profit is generated by purchasing: Lowering cost of materials
and keep the same quality and delivering safety

Asia and primarily China have developed into the production centre of the world and with that into the greatest and most cost-effective procurement market. However, depending on material groups, you still can source very cost-effectively in Eastern European countries too.

Additionally the quality standard as well as the share of technologically high-quality products increases continuously in Emerging Markets, so that the purchasing potential extends from year to year.

Besides global sourcing from Europe or the USA the "localization", i.e. purchasing for local production of foreign companies, plays more and more a bigger.

GPS Network Global professional services supports you along the complete process of the purchasing process:

From elaborating a global sourcing strategy, which answers the question, where which products or material groups shall be sourced from best, to supplier selection and supplier qualification for serial production, we support our customers with experienced purchasing experts and realize significant savings in the context of the specified quality requirements: In China between approx. 20% to 30% and more in Eastern Europe between approx. 5% to 35%.

GPS Network Global Professional Services supports you:

  • Global sourcing strategies
    • Analysis of the global procurement markets
    • Global Sourcing targets per material group 
    • Sensitivity analysis (transport costs, exchange rate etc.)

  • Operative obtaining
    • Supplier search 
    • Supplier auditing 
    • Supplier assessment & selection 
    • Supplier negotiations (sample and general frame agreements) 
    • Supplier development & quality surveillance 
    • Logistics and supply chain concepts and optimization

  • Set up and operate an IPO (international purchasing office)
    • Conception 
    • Process of foundation & set up 
    • Coaching at the start up of an IPO 
    • Interim management & continuous coaching of an IPO 
    • Operate the IPO as a "prolonged purchasing department" (additional line capacity) 
    • Operating the IPO as an agent


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