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GPS Network | Saturday, 15 June 2024 11:52

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  • Procurement of Services: What are the Key Success Factors?
    Experiences from Outsourcing of Consulting, Procurement,
    Software Development & Call Center Services
    Procure Servies Conference, Shanghai, China, 2007

  • "Challenges in Global Sourcing - a Practical Checklist and Roadmap
    for a Best Practice Approach"
    Supply Chain Summit, New Delhi, India, 2007

  • Quality Assurance and Control – the Basis for Successful SRM,
    Practical Experiences of a 2-Years Localisation Project
    China Summit 2006

  • Project Management – the Basis for Successful Supply Chain
    Workshop / Training
    China Summit 2006

  • Quality Assurance and Control as Tool to keep Suppliers
    Reliable and Customers Satisfied
    marcus evans, France 2006, joint speech with Demag

  • How to set up your IPO in China / Asia – a practical Checklist
    CSCC IPO Conference 2006

  • How to optimize your Sourcing Activities in China
    China Summit 2005

  • Sourcing in Low Cost Countries
    marcus evans, Belgium 2005
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